Lions Fencing Camp (Epee)
August 02, 2019 - August 06, 2019
General Information


Lions Fencing Camp is open to any and all entrants aged 14 to 18. It is an opportunity for campers to learn a winning approach to competition preparation. Daily sessions emphasize and teach tactical knowledge, competitive bout situations as well as emphasis on mental preparation and competition planning.

The 2019 Lions Fencing Camp is designed for those fencers interested in competing at the highest level on the National and Collegiate level. The ideal camper has an interest in maximizing their fencing performance and learn new approaches to their competition preparation.

The Lions Fencing Camp is unique because it emphasizes practice techniques; specifically, how to practice under pressure in order to prepare for competition one faces in college or in a North America Cup. It also allows the campers to practice in Columbia’s Fencing Room, walk on Columbia’s Campus and eat in the Columbia Dining Halls. The program offers the following: Critical Bouting situations, Fencing Specific Conditioning, Sports Psychology Seminar, Panel discussions, and college preparation.

CRITICAL BOUTING SITUATIONS will prepare fencers for college and NAC Competition by improving mindset, tactical decision making, practice strategies and drill recommendations. Fencers will learn how to create efficient practice sessions that simulate pressure situations, learn how to prepare for specific situations in a fencing match and become a better teammate through communication strategies. Each day campers will experience deliberately focused practice scenarios to improve their win percentage in particular situations both related to the score and time on the clock.

FENCING SPECIFIC CONDITIONING will cover training for speed, strength, agility and flexibility. Columbia’s Fencing Fitness Advisers will run campers through training exercises and drills.

SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY SEMINAR with Columbia’s Sports Psychologist Brent Walker discuss confidence with regards to preparation, competition and champion mindset.

PANEL DISCUSSION WITH WORLD TEAM MEMBERS includes USA World Team members and Columbia Team members who will discuss training, planning, competitive stories, balancing school, and fencing.

COLLEGE PREPARATION DISCUSSION will address the recruiting process including basic NCAA Rules, written correspondence, important dates, and deadlines for standardized testing.

COMPETITION Students will participate in simulated five touch NCAA Style tournament and a one touch challenge. Coaches will be interacting with campers during the competition.


The Dodge Fitness Center

Lions Fencing Camp (Epee)
Gender: CoEd   |   Ages: 14 - 18
August 02, 2019 - August 06, 2019 | New York, New York

Fri, August 02, 2019 - Tue, August 06, 2019

3030 Broadway MC 1906
New York, New York 10027

14 - 18